For entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s really hard to take care of their business operations and, also, connect with their buyers. So we thought: what if we have this job done for them, telling their great stories, making their customers emotionally engaged with their products and services?

We have been creating killing storytelling and promoting it through digital brand experiences. And the first question we always get from a potential our new client is: “I know we need killer digital content. But how do you determine which content works and which doesn’t? How to measure digital marketing’s return on investment (ROI), with accurate information?”

What is the Best Metric for Measuring the Success of Content Marketing?

It’s pretty simple: the best metrics are the ones that measure whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.

Before getting good answers, you need to ask the right questions:

What do you want your content to do?

For each benefit content marketing offers, there are specific key performance indicators you can measure to prove the impact of the benefit. For instance:

If your goal is BRAND AWARENESS – We measure growth in website traffic and pages per visit.

If your goal is CUSTOMER LOYALTY or INCREASING ENGAGEMENT – We measure return visits to your website, and Blog and email subscribers.

If your goal is LEAD GENERATION – We measure a number of new leads generated, and conversions on website forms.

Inbound Marketing and Growth-Driven Design is all about planning, creating, implementing, learning, redesigning, and testing — all the time. Click here to see the most innovative and efficient way to create websites.

If that sounds like jargon to you, have a look at Work + Clients to check out some projects in the context of a real-life situation.



We Are Made In NY™

The Brave Creative Brazilian Duo, 10+ Years in New York City

Inbound content creators in New York

Lucas + Sylvio = The Compan Bros.

Why 9branding? 9 is our lucky number. Back in 1999 (lots of 9), Lucas Compan and Sylvio Compan put some ingredients: two decades of experience working with brands such as Coca-Cola, L’Occitane, Honda, Danon, Banco do Brasil, JPMorgan Chase, BrazilFoundation + brave creativity + passionate about what they do + sense of humor + dedication to keeping up with the digital scene constantly changing. The result is a multicultural, multidimensional digital marketing boutique that creates killing content and designs digital strategies connecting dots to solve problems. This Brave Creative Brazilian Duo is now living, learning, and creating successful digital marketing projects for 10+ Years in New York City – which we love so much.

Lucas Compan

Lucas has something unique: disciplined creativity. He has had incredible professional experiences on “both sides of the counter” — in the Marketing Communication of large enterprises, and as a creative in advertising agencies. These experiences have been helping him to design memorable brand experiences. Lucas loves apples and Apple.

Sylvio Compan

Sylvio manages digital and printed media. Especially, videos. Video is the future of content. Sylvio is an experienced video creator and producer, working with brands such as Danon, Itau, Honda, Smirnoff, L’Occitane. Sylvio has eagle’s eyes and an authentic feeling to identify new trends. He wears such pants that “normal” people wouldn’t. But in New York nothing is normal.

Photo Credit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times



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