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9branding is a branded content studio

For entrepreneurs, it’s really hard to take care of their business operations, and also connect with their buyers. So we thought: what if we have this job done for them, telling their great stories, making their customers emotionally engaged with their products and services?


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How To Grow Your Business Crafting Stories With Data, Design, and Content. We love it.


Captivating Travelers with Relevant Great Content




The Welcome HUB (TWH) is an online travel agency specialized in tours & sightseeing in 15 destinations around the world. Inbound Marketing has been captivating their audience to enjoy their trips to the fullest, with information and entertainment.

9branding strategically designed a brand-new inbound marketing ecosystem to generate brand awareness, brand recognition, leads, captivate existing customers, and attracting new ones. The Welcome Blog shares quality helpful content for travelers. The new eCommerce TWH makes the user experience a don’t-make-me-think experience – meaning, easy, intuitive, and quick navigation to book tours and things to do in the destinations. The Welcome Lounge section within the eCommerce site creates the opportunity to get a real taste of a travel experience, with virtual and 360º tours.

Artboard 1brooklyn-made



We understand social media as a tool to generate interaction and useful data. Live videos, stunning photos, and a real community management engagement makes it happen.


Azamara logo

Tailor-made content creating 360º- destination-immersion


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The most successful companies in the world defied conventional wisdom when it turned the management structure upside down. By putting employees first and customers second, these companies were able to activate the value zone – the place where frontline employees interact with customers and create real value for them. By doing so, it fired the imagination of both employees and customers and set on a journey of transformation that has made these companies the fastest growing and profitable globally. This project is about a former Azamara bartender that enjoyed so much his experience working at the company, that he decided to write a book about it.

9branding designed a project to turn this book into compelling content and share with Azamara customers during the cruises.


PetBorough Pet Borough NY – The Sixth Borough of New York –

There are 1.3 million pets in New York. It’s almost the population of Manhattan (one million and six hundred people). Meaning, it was about time to create a proper borough dedicated only for these adorable creatures we all love: dogs, cats, and all other pets. That’s the idea behind PetBorough NY, a new experience for your pet. Premium organic products, premium services, excellent experiences. For all pets and their moms and dads.

9branding has been creating a full-stack marketing job: naming, creative concept, logo design, social media, storytellingeCommerce website design, and also taking care of some pets here and there. Clients always come first, right? And we love pets.



Marketing is about people satisfying people. When a brand develops a global campaign, there is much more involved: different cultures and backgrounds, different languages, and peculiar approaches to business. 9branding was hired by Guess USA to work as an interface between their new Global Influencer Marketing Campaign and the Brazilian top model Flavia Charallo. Guess what? Everything has been going smooth and fine.




We love branding, we love content, we love technology. We put everything together to create a disrupting mobile app for foodies and travelers: QuickFood™. It’s a restaurant full-reservation app. When you arrive at the restaurant, the hostess takes you to your reserved table. You enjoy your food experience at your own pace. When you are done, you just leave the establishment. That’s it. Quick and easy food. For further info, please email us.



New TV Show: Best Gastronomic, Artistic, Cultural, Musical adventures in Brazil and South America ( 2017 )



A Tribute to New York, New York



Poster Design: a tribute to all people who make it in New York, so they can make it anywhere

Telling a Love Story On a Tee



Telling a story of love for pizza at Luzzo’s Pizza, the best pizza in New York City for 12 years on a row. The QR code creates interaction with the staff and starts an experience with the brand


When customers snap their smartphones on the QR code, they go to a website to experience a love story





How to transform Brazil. Pro-bono campaign designed by @9branding




Brand Awareness –  After only 2 months, the campaign earned around US$7 million in free media exposure, including the support of the United Nations due to BrazilFoundation’s founder past work of 20 years in the UN.

Customer Loyalty – Annual membership subscription increase around 59%





Inbound sponsorship projects creation for TV

Content Creation and Sponsorship Project for a TV Show – Unique Opportunity to Place Your Brand in TV Content for 340 Hours, per Season


9branding : digital strategies connecting millennials with their needs

9branding is The Coolest Creative Bar In New York City. Each one of our cocktails deserved a special slogan      (2015)

Daniel Mirkov, photographer, book writer

blogging and ghostwriting

Blogging and ghostwriting for Daniel Mirkov, a book writer ( 2015 )



Book marketing

Social media marketing strategy for a non-fiction new book – in Portuguese and in English ( 2015 )


press communication - inbound marketing

PR and inbound marketing for a book launching in São Paulo, Brazil ( 2015 )





video creation and production

ECOTOK is a sustainable briquette made 100% from coconut shells. Watch this informative and educative video created and produced by9branding. Your next BBQ will be ecological and a lot of fun ( 2015 )


ecommerce, social media marketing

Design of an e-commerce pre-sales system ( 2015 / 2016 )




Leblon Cachaça



From 2-D to 5-D – The challenge: find a sponsor to team up with on creating, designing, and producing new cocktail menus for some of the coolest Brazilian bars in New York City. The answer: matchmaking, which brought us the perfect brand to sponsor this project, and get tons of exposure. We created a 5-D branding device. Sensory branding makes the experience with a brand much more memorable and enduring. That is how the first ever bottle menu was designed. ( 2014 ). Click on the image to check it out.








 BR Compan

Digital Marketing Strategy + Social Media Marketing + SEO + PR

Digital Marketing Strategy + Social Media Marketing + SEO + PR + Design + creative writing ( 2012 / 2015 )

Digital Marketing Strategy + Social Media Marketing + SEO + PR

Digital Marketing Strategy + Social Media Marketing + SEO + PR + Design + creative writing ( 2012 / 2015 )





App Design



ACE | Amyr Klink


Sensory Sponsorship  –  9branding connects two giants to create an award-winning project: Amyr Klink, explorer and sailor, and Ace Insurance creating a real teamwork adventure as an endo-marketing tactic action.



Coca-Cola / São Paulo F.C.


coca cola

Innovative Sponsorship – São Paulo Futebol Clube is the 3rd largest soccer club in Latin America, and Morumbi stadium is the second largest stadium in Brazil. We invited Coca-Cola and McDonald’s to design the first ever double-facing restaurant at Morumbi stadium. Meaning, the restaurant would work both during soccer matches, with concession windows facing the street and to the interior of the stadium, and facing only the street the rest of the days. ( 1999 / 2000 )






Telefonica / Botafogo F.R.


Sponsorship and Passion  –  How do you generate US$ 9 million via marketing actions in less than a year? Well, truth is, we had one of the most powerful soccer brands in Brazil, let alone the world, in our hands – Botafogo F.R. However, we made it even stronger. And as a sponsor, Telefonica, that had great R.O.I. For instance, 16,000 women (world record in 2001) and 110,000 Botafogo soccer fans attended one soccer match alone – which was the record in Brazil and in the world. ( 1999 / 2000 )



Flamengo x Botafogo pelo Brasileiro A 2013 no Maracana. 28 de Julho de 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Foto: Wagner Meier/AGIF

Flamengo x Botafogo pelo Brasileiro A 2013 no Maracana. 28 de Julho de 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Foto: Wagner Meier/AGIF













Cisa Trading





Tolani Eatery & Wine New York


growth-driven design

Visual Identity Design




Brazilian Beats in New York City



DVD + CD packaging design. Click here.




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