How to Sponsor Premium Content on Top Media Outlets

Blending Sponsorship Into Compelling Stories

We are very excited to present the TV Series ‘The Heat of The South,’ an opportunity to sponsor a unique media platform that connects and engages audiences with your brand in much deeper emotional level. Because it delivers what the audience wants in terms of brand communication – just not with advertising. Consumers, especially Millennials, do not want to be sold to. They want to be educated. Click the banner below to learn more about this sponsorship opportunity.

the heat

‘The Heat of The South’ is a new TV Series hosted by some of the best Latin America’s Chefs exploring some of the most exciting places in the world, and bringing the conversation to the kitchen.
‘The Heat of The South’ will hit the road to explore historic landmarks and curiosities. We will invite entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, poets, social celebrities and ordinary people to share their best moments in the best places in Brazil, South America, and its influence in the USA, with food, music, culture, art, technology, history, trends, and more.
This is premium content tailor-made for your brand.  Click here to check out details and first three episodes at a glance. See it just as a brainstorm, so you can have an idea of how your products can perfectly blend into these stories — and how we can create narratives that actually could match your brand’s personality.
To get detailed information about this premium sponsorship opportunity, please email me at


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