In Love With Connecting

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75% of Americans bring their mobile devices to the bathroom

Distribution is just as important as creating content.

Content is king, distribution is queen.

In the U.S., and increasingly worldwide, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on laptops or desktop computers.

Desktop has finally ceded its throne. But does this development really surprise anyone?

The ascent of smart devices — phones, watches, wearables etc. — has ushered in a new era for marketers. This is the era of the “micro-moment” as Google recently branded a unit of time.


According to Google, a micro-moment occurs “when people reflexively turn to a device — increasingly a smartphone — to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something.”

These moments may be brief, but don’t underestimate their impact.

Brands that learn, adapt, and practice will earn relevance and loyalty. All it takes is connecting adding value to each micro-moment,”

Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group, thinks that brands need to be constantly learning about how their audiences connect.

These are the moments of truth of the digital age. Micro-moments occur frequently throughout the day, but each is the product of an instinctive response to a particular time and impulse. Each of these moments have a repeatable pathway to satisfying the impulse. For example, when some Mac users want to search something, they open their Safari app and type a subject in the browser bar. This is an easily repeatable pathway — one that quickly becomes habitual.

Solis noted the habit void that your content should be filling.

If a micro-moment happens and you’re not there to engage a consumer, then that consumer can only act on what he knows.”

The goal for any marketer is to become an essential element of “what he knows,”the habit pathway to achieving an impulse goal. Habit saves us time, concern, and consciousness. The channels that work best are those that are native to our understanding of the mobile devices we use, capable of doing significant work in short order.

In essence, these are bathroom-accessible channels. And these are the channels marketers have to target.

In Love With Connecting – Even In The Bathroom

People are now enabled by technology to do things they wouldn’t have otherwise conceived – it’s not as if technology was there, and people aspired to achieve what we’re able to do now. You can find like-minded people, and you can trade ideas, tips, secrets, and techniques. And it’s fascinating, which is probably why so many people are glued to their electronic mobile devices.

People are not in love with the technology or their devices. What they love is that they have found a personal connection to someone, either across the room or across the world – with whom they share a common bond. People are actually in love with the effect they can have by connecting with people.

mobile 24:7

That’s why people are glued to their mobile – even in the bathroom. Well, so reaching your audiences in the bathroom might not be the most romantic way to envision targeting, but it’s an effective one.

In fact, 75 percent of Americans bring their phone to the bathroom, and 70 percent of mobile searches lead to timely action. Meaning, distribution is just as important as creating content. To maximize these moments, your business should be distributing content on channels consumers can access while cleaning, cooking, waiting, shopping and, yes, even using the restroom.

Get to know your audience/community. Know where your community spontaneously spends time. Create mobile-friendly content that lives there.

Here are three questions to ask yourself when crafting your own content:

  1. Is it visually attractive? Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets;

  2. Is your content helpful to your community? Don’t get caught up in controlling the message. Instead, do things that are worthy of passing along. Show, don’t tell;

  3. Is my content accessible to my community – even in the bathroom?

How do you plan to utilize connections when crafting content – turning these micro-moments of interactivity into macro-moments of magic? Please, share your thoughts.

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